Shenzhen I LOVE PRETTY Clothing Co., Ltd was established in Hong Kong, 2003, as an integrated clothing brand company combined designing, developing, production and sales all as one. To produce “the dreaming skirt” is always the mission of the enterprise. In 2009 it brought all its brands to explore the mainland market, in the same year its head office and clothing manufacturing base moved into Shenzhen. By development during past 10 years, the company has got the foodhold in the clothing industry with its strong financial strength, talent team with high quality and professionalized marketing experience.

“I LOVE PRETTY”品牌理念来源于皇室贵族女性不甘约束于传统的宫廷礼仪,大胆追求美丽着装以及浪漫时尚的生活氛围。产品设计简约大气,以高端的穿着品味,展现女性大胆追求、独立知性的人格魅力。

The brand concept of “I LOVE PRETTY” is originated from that the royal female and aristocratic unwilling to be limited by the court etiquette only, charging after the beautiful dressing and living atmosphere with romance and fashion. With Its simple and elegant design and the high-end taste of dressing, the products present such personal charisma of the modern female daring to seek individually and intellectually.

从创立初始至今,“I LOVE PRETTY”已在香港、深圳、上海、杭州成立了20余家直营店。大陆市场加盟店也已发展到60多家,遍布全国各大主要城市。

Since the establishment till now, there’re already more than 20 direct-sale stores of the “I LOVE PRETTY” in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hangzhou etc. More than 60 brand franchises in mainland market are also developed accordingly, and located in major cities nationwide.

“I LOVE PRETTY”一直立足于时尚前沿,讲究品位与舒适完美融合。提炼时尚前沿流行元素,配合高端剪裁,满足女性各种场合的穿着需求,演绎成熟知性女人的独特人格魅力。

Being always in the front of the fashion, “I LOVE PRETTY” is particular about the perfect combination of the dressing grade and comfortability, It shall abstract the pop elements from the fashion frontier, by matching with high-end tailoring to satisfy the dressing demand for female at various occasions, and to interpret the unique personal charisma of those sophisticated and intellectual ladies.


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  1. 2015年秋冬新品发布会,将于6月28日在深圳举行,当天加盟,优惠更多,并能直接参加秋冬订货会,有兴趣的可联系何经理:18676669074


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